Our Mission

Being one that suffer with Androgenetic Alopecia for many years, I personally understand the psychological and physiological issues that are associated with hair loss. My journey in revealing to the world was not easy but I finally had the courage to embrace what is; I’M BEAUTIFULLY BALD! As a licensed cosmetology and a sister in this journey my mission is to inspire you TO BE! I want you to have the courage to divorce the need, to be liked, while empowering you to embrace the process of Becoming. Be encouraged to stand in front of the mirror and see the best parts of you and the most limiting parts of you simultaneously. I want you to have the ability to walk your talk and be who you are meant to be. Allow me to show you the amazing possibilities with custom and non-custom units that can enhance the beauty you already possess. It is my mission to value you as the expert because you know what you want, and the pain points you experience with your crown needs. My promise is to create units that are both elegant and tailored to your needs with top quality tresses. With this assurance you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is unprocessed, free of chemicals/nits, and with minimal/to no tangling and matting when cared for properly.

Universal Units

Our affordable glueless premium lace wigs are constructed with the same features as the lace units (with glue). They are human hair units, that are a perfect solution for a man, woman or a child that is looking for a natural human hair wig. Our Ready to Ship units come with minimal plucking and are not pre-styled. Our Krowned Collection comes pre-plucked with bleached knots and are pre-styled and ready to wear. We have designed a Krowned Luxury Collection to give you the ability to design your own unit with our custom ordering service. Contact our customer services department with any questions or concerns.

Glueless Units Saves Time!